That’s Life!



What’s on the other side?
Your light beckons me.
Will there be trees and gardens
Or sand – quagmires?

Will I hear birdsong?
Or silence.
Will I smell flowers?
Or decay.

Will animals greet me?
Rabbits, squirrels?
May I take dogs?
For I could not leave them behind.

Will there be water – seas
Pounding on the shores?
Rivers and brooks
Rippling in the sunlight.

Sunlight! Is there to be sun?
And rainbows?
Or fog, thick cloud –

Will folk linger – speak to me?
Are they to be good – or bad?
Will I want to say hello –
Or go?

Should I meet loved ones?
Or have they moved on,
Found new attachments.
Forgotten me.

Should I go to the end and peep?
Hurry back and then decide?
Yet first I need to pass through

Could there just be emptiness
A cavernous pit – a void of nothing.
If I go, wander towards the light
Will I enter a better world?

Who knows …..