A cavernous pit hidden by undergrowth,
To be seen is weakness
A weak structure
Weakness is failure
Cover it!

The layers grow, fronds pile high,
The ground beneath is fragile.
The pit remains unseen, ground appearing stable.
If no one walks across all will be well.
Yet if people do cross – the ground could cave in
Allowing it’s content to be revealed.

Unveil the trap before fears become reality,
Before someone gets hurt – I get hurt!

But if the pit be seen, its instability revealed, 
If demons trapped beneath come flying out,
Then insecurity is viewed – strength fractured – weakness exposed.

Which is worse, keeping them trapped, or allowing them to rise?
Why so fearful of having them on view?
By trapping does the weakness stay unseen,
Or is it just a ploy to save oneself – a healing strategy –
Buried, oh so deep, that coming to the surface now seems harder?

Push them back! I will never have them viewed!
If they don’t come out they cannot harm me.
Maybe one day I’ll feel strong enough to let them go,
Until then let them stay – and no one need ever know.