Children’s poem/bullying.


Verse often proves stronger than literature or lecture when getting
a point across. 
If teachers  like it, please feel free to use it.

I would just ask you give feedback in the form of a comment
on the HOME page.

There’s something wrong with Danny, he’s become withdrawn,
He used to be so happy, now he seems forlorn.
Perhaps it’s the age he’s going through – we used to be so close,
He shuts himself away in his bedroom, appearing morose.
I only want to help him, I’m not trying to intrude –
But if I ask a question he can become quite rude.

I can’t tell anyone – and I don’t want to worry Mum,
If I did it would only make it worse.
I don’t want to go to school. Why are they all so cruel?
What have I done to deserve this curse?
Today they tied me to a tree, used me as a target, threw mud at me.
I hear their laughter in my head each night as I lie in bed.
I see someone watching from afar, knowing it’s not right,
Yet they wont get involved to help me in my plight.
No one will stop them, be my friend – no one will help make my agony end.
I just want to lie down and die – not pathetically cry!
People say, ‘Stand your ground when you see the advancing crowd,’
But when it’s only you, you can’t.
They advise, ‘Tell the teacher of your class,’ yet if you do they call you a grass.
I really don’t know what to do – no one knows what I’m going through,
No one cares how I feel inside.

Why did I let it happen, perhaps I should have seen,
Maybe I could have done more for the lad
But I didn’t realise it had got that bad.
I must share the blame, it’s my job to protect –
Yet I’ve so much to do – I can’t be perfect.

It was only a bit of fun – a laugh to put on Twitter.
It wasn’t our fault he was so soft, or that he was a quitter!
He just let it happen; we didn’t inflict any pain,
We didn’t know he’d take his own life – that he wouldn’t play our game!

Head Master:-
Today we are assembled to mourn the loss of Dan,
A lovely young boy, who will now never grow to become a lovely young man
Many of you sitting here saw what he went through
And you’ll be asking of yourself, ‘Was there anything I could do?’
To stand aside – to see it happen – means we are all held to account,
Let’s hope we’ve learnt our lesson,
And let’s kick bullying out!