Away with the Fairies


When I began writing my new novel ‘Away With The Fairies’ my plan was to research the Middle Ages to see how life has changed – and perhaps of more importance, what hasn’t changed, and if we still make the same mistakes.

Obviously in four hundred years there have been enormous changes for the working man and woman – housing, health, travel, education, equality, child labour, to mention just a few – but human feelings change little – love, loss, hate, birth, death and human error are still part of our lives.

My story is about Susan, whose life becomes entangled with Maria, a girl from the Middle Ages. At first Susan thinks her visions are merely daydreams – that she is ‘away with the fairies’ – but soon she begins to wonder if she and Maria are really the same person living in different times.

Can Susan veer from the path she travels – or is her life already planned out for her?

‘Away With The fairies’ is out today and available on Amazon

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