Poetry Forms:-

Sonnet 1


Poetry Moments:-

The Irritant

In Denial 


Demons in her Head

Life’s Turbulent Waters

Shakespearean Shake-ups:-

Mewling and Puking

Narrative Verse:-

Tobias and the magic water

Memories :-                   

The Tell-tale sign of his jaw

Today is different


The Chosen One

Mourning Sky

On a November Morning

First Frost of Winter

Hummingbird Hawk Moth


Weakness beneath my feet

Children’s poems:-

Let’s Kick Bullying Out!

That’s Life – Poems:-

The Tunnel.

Oh, Mr Tesco!

Flash Fiction

The Butterfly. – Flash Fiction   New!

Short Stories

Thunder! – A Tall Story

A Story for children – from Birmingham.

Final Encounter

Gloves from the charity shop

Mavis, Alex and Coronavirus 

It should have been so easy – a male monologue – NEW!


The Revenge of the Daffodils – Parody

The Formula – spy story – a longer read

For the Love of my Country – a 10 minute story

Agatha’s 11 days.   ‘NEW’


CRASH – October 2018

Published by RedSox Press


Link to Amazon page




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